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Land Development & Syndication Training (3-Day)

For the last decade Russ has been immersed in large land development projects and property acquisitions. Currently, with over 1,000 units in construction and/or permitting, Russ is ready to share his knowledge with a select few.

In this special Hands-On training, you and a few others will learn directly from Russ, how to use your city's Comprehensive Plan to not only acquire land ahead of growth for huge profits, but learn when and where to find these properties.

This training is not for beginners. You will learn about entitlements, permitting, dealing with your local government, environmental issues, raising capital and so much more.

You will visit projects that Russ has in process right now. You may meet with Engineers, Land Use Attorneys, City Planners, many of Russ' professional contacts. And of course, you will have access to Russ "Billion Dollar Rolodex".

If you think this is something for you, please fill out the short application; qualified applicants will be contacted.

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    Russ Whitney overcame a difficult childhood and went on to build a solid, successful life as a family man, civic leader, self-made millionaire, philanthropist, best-selling author, mentor and businessperson.

    Russ Whitney’s many business achievements include founding and building one of the largest and fastest-growing publicly traded financial education companies of its type in the world. That company created, developed and brought to market such well-known brands as Building Wealth, Teach Me To Trade, Rich Dad Education and more. At its pinnacle, that organization’s annual revenue reached $250 million and it provided jobs and career opportunities to more than 2,000 people in seven countries.