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Work Hand-In-Hand with One of America’s Top Real Estate Experts, The Man Who Built One of the Largest Financial Training Companies in the World, and for the Last Decade has Been Making HUGE Sums of Money in Land Development.

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or a sophisticated investor, you are going to want to know this information. "I have made more money in Land Development and Syndication than I made in the first 20 years of my Real Estate investing career."- Russ Whitney

Throughout his 40+ years of investing, he always stayed away from land since there was no cash-flow, BUT now he said he wishes that he had started sooner.

Russ will share how he has built and scaled his Land Development business from a single syndication in the mid 2000's to currently thousands of units in construction and/or permitting generating over a hundred million dollars.


THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! You have to apply. If you want to grow or SCALE UP your Real Estate business to the next level... make 10X more than buying duplexes, single-family or multi-unit properties and create more wealth and freedom...

... then this is your exclusive invitation to join Russ Whitney in Cape Coral for 3 days, learn step-by-step how he has expanded his real estate empire buying and developing land.

Personal Consulting with Russ Whitney is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Are you ready to step up to Land Development? Russ currently has thousands of units in construction and/or permitting, and he has time to work with a select few people here in his Cape Coral office. This 3-Day hands-on personal training is limited to qualified real estate investors only. If you qualify, you and only a few others will spend 3 days with Russ for a very personal and very unique training program.

Not sure... take a look at Russ's 5-part Land Development and Syndication Mini-Series Training Videos. Click this link to opt-in.

Land Development & Syndication Training (3-Day)

See if You Qualify - For the last decade Russ has been immersed in large land development projects and property acquisitions. Currently with thousands of units in construction and/or permitting, Russ is ready to share his knowledge with a select few.

HUGE Profits in Land!  In this special Hands-On training, you and a few others will learn, directly from Russ, how to use your city’s Comprehensive Plan to not only acquire land ahead of growth for huge profits, but learning when and where to find these properties.

This training is not for beginners. This is a very exclusive training for serious, experienced investors. Knowledge of real estate investing and business for this training is a must.


Land Development Topics


Comprehensive Plan

Provides policy and planning guidance on the physical development and redevelopment of a community. The plan usually looks at current land use in relation to population and economic data and describes Future Land Use Plans, taking into account the anticipated growth of the community.

Improved Zoning

The goal of a developer is to bring the zoning up to its highest and best use. In other words, the value of the asset (land or improvement) will be greater after a zoning change and will create a substantial profit margin.

Platting Land

The intent of platting land is to increase the value of the land by taking it through the necessary steps to make it ready for development.

Entitlement & Permitting

The objective of entitlement is to advance or secure the entitlements to increase the value of the property by designing a development that maximizes density yet remains environmentally sensitive.


Training Objectives


  • Review the impact of the Comprehensive Plan
  • Examine improving zoning for Highest and Best use
  • Explain the process of Platting Land
  • Provide the techniques for Developing Land
  • Give examples of PDP and PUD Projects
  • Discuss how to create and produce an Offering Memorandum
  • Understand how to identify and deal with banks
  • Demonstrate techniques for raising capital including Reg D's
  • Create a Power Team
  • Review with an Action Plan


Day One

  • Basic Definitions / Resources
  • Comprehensive Plan
  • Land Profile
  • Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Improving Zoning
  • Platting Land
  • Guest Speaker
  • Workshop - Zoning & Platting


Day Two

  • Q&A
  • Entitlements and Permitting
  • PDP and PUD
  • Environmental Issues
  • Mitigation
  • Development
  • Land Development Tour (view current projects)
  • Case Study
  • Workshop - Entitlements, developments and PDP
  • Offering Memorandum
  • Return on Investment (ROI)


Day Three

  • Q&A
  • Dealing with Banks
  • Raising Capital / Regulation D
  • Offsetting Costs
  • Workshop - Raising Capital & Regulation D
  • Build
  • Sell the Vision
  • How to find Deals
  • Power Team
  • 90-Day Action Plan
  • Final Thoughts


Learn How to Use Vacant Land to:

  • Create Value
  • Make a Market
  • Control Value
  • Create Pricing


Higher & Better Use

  • Research the Comprehensive Plan
  • Study the Future Land Use Plan
  • Learn the Needs of Your City
  • Pursue Vacant Land Developers
  • Other Opportunities


Seven Key Strategies

  1. Use of a Comprehensive Plan
  2. Improve Zoning
  3. Entitling / Permitting
  4. Platting Acreage
  5. Developing Land
  6. Selling to Builders/Developers
  7. Selling the Vision


Land Development and Syndication is a 3-day training taught by Russ Whitney in Cape Coral, Florida.


At this unique training, Russ shows you, hands-on, the techniques and strategies that he uses to invest in multi-million dollar land deals, and how to use Syndication money to finance the projects without having to use your own money (but of course with the earnings that these land deals make, you should always invest some).

Then you'll learn how to use your city’s Comprehensive Plan to know exactly where to buy land for the greatest returns. You'll learn everything. We will visit projects that Russ is doing right now, he will show you how he found them, and exactly what he did on each of them, step-by-step.

This Training is for Advanced Students.


APPLY to work with Russ Whitney to Grow and Scale Your Real Estate Business.