Russ Whitney Crest


Personal Consulting with Russ Whitney is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Russ accepts just a few clients each year and his current clients range in revenues from $2.5 million per year on up to $200 million per year.

This is a One Year contract that includes meetings with Russ and a Whitney support team member coming to your offices for two days, each quarter as well as a weekly consulting call with Russ.

Experience the unique journey as you make the transformation from Entrepreneur to CEO Mastery while dramatically scaling your business.

Russ scaled one of his business’s from $0 to $250 million dollars per year in revenue and had it cash flowing at $1 million per week after all expenses.

He took that same company public and exponentially raised its stock value.

Another quick scale for Russ was a fledgling construction company he agreed to partner in. In a period of just 6 years that company had revenues of $750 million making him and his partners, the third largest private developer in SWFL.

There are over 40 business and 30 years of experience behind this Mogul. These are just a few things that make Russ the most important secret weapon to sit on your Advisory Board.

You will find that in just the first hour with Russ you will never think about business the same way.

In fact in one of his recent new client experiences, the client was able to pocket over $1.3 million dollars that was being left on the table.

That’s a Power Hour!

Whitney is still very active in a range of businesses. He is currently building a 487-unit development in Central America that is made up of 2/3 single family homes and 1/3 condos. Before he broke ground on the first unit, this development was 90% Pre-Sold!

If you would like to hire Russ as your private business consultant, please do not wait. He only takes on a few personal clients each year because he simply does not have the space due to his other business ventures he is involved in that he is truly passionate about.

An interview process is necessary to see if your business is the right match to fill the few spots he opens each year.

To find out more about Personal Consulting with Russ Whitney call 877-977-7849 or you can email us.