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Building Wealth Quick Start Guide - eLearning

Russ Whitney, best-selling author of Building Wealth, Millionaire Real Estate Mentor and Millionaire Real Estate Mindset, has created an Award Winning simple Home Study Course. It will show you how to buy your first income producing property in 3 days – Properties that will provide recurring income month after month and year after year.

This Quick Start Manual is, 2 Audio CD’s, 5 Special Reports (Funding your Deals With Very Little Down, How to Overcome Objections, Making Money In Any Economy & Any Market, One of the Best Ways to Find Money-Making Properties, Presenting Offers No One Can Refuse), and the Contracts, Forms & Addendums manual with CD-ROM.

A Great Investment in Yourself

Building Wealth Home Study Course - eLearning

There’s No Faster Way Or Simpler Way, According
To Financial Experts, To Make Money Than In Real Estate.


In this course you are going to learn some of the hottest real estate investing strategies for today’s economy, plus you will learn a host of ways to start making immediate changes in your finances and in your personal life!

Over the past 30 years, I have been training and helping students, like you, become financially independent. Students that I have taught have become successful, because they have taken action.


Russ Whitney changed my life!

Inner Voice Home Study Course

Discover your true purpose in these Step-by-step video trainings by Russ Whitney.

After a 5-year journey and more than 20,000 hours of researching life’s toughest questions, Russ Whitney shares with you the secrets to unlocking your purpose and passion in this very special Home Study Course.
For many years, Russ had everything anyone could have ever desired: a multi-million dollar business, the nicest cars money could buy, a private jet, yacht, a wonderful family and the respect and the admiration of thousands – until it all came crashing down. That fall led him to uncover a way to master the game of life. Russ emerged with answers every person desires to attain true happiness in their lives – and he’s prepared to share those answers with you.

Join Russ in this one-of-a-kind training program and learn how to:

  • Find the purpose and passion your Creator meant for you to follow.
  • Apply the principles of Inner Voice to your daily life so you can live the free, joyful life you were intended to live.
  • Experience daily conscious contact with your Inner Voice.
  • Live in the present – staying out of the past or worrying about the future.
  • Turn away from those things that damage yourself and your relationships with those you care about most.
  • Surrender the things you cannot control and find serenity in the things you can.
  • Move from Warrior to Statesperson so you can make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Shed your old beliefs and find peace in your new beliefs.

Get started TODAY and learn firsthand from Russ Whitney in this powerful video series with accompanying training manuals so you can live the life in which you were intended with purpose and passion.

The Inner Voice Home Study Course includes:

» Inner Voice Manuals: DVD/CD full transcription

» Inner Voice DVD’s (9 ): These DVD's are the eLearning course in a physical format for viewing on your TV or computer.

» Inner Voice CD’s (9):These CD's are the audio portion of the eLearning course – perfect for putting in the car CD player while on the road.

» Inner Voice Daily 2-Way Conscious Contact Journal: The standard paperback journal is a must to complete your daily conscious contact.

» 14 Days to Purpose & Passion: This companion guide to the Home Study Course is an overview/quick start guide to help get you moving in the right direction

» Daily Asset Inventory Checklist booklet: This chart allows you to track your progress daily with weekly look back for following week improvement.


Life Changing!

Communication, Negotiation & Salesmanship - eLearning

Communication, Negotiation & Salesmanship (The Art of Human Engineering)

Russ Whitney, best-selling author of Building Wealth, Millionaire Real Estate Mentor and Millionaire Real Estate Mindset, takes you through the most comprehensive and important skill building course on the market today. Communication, Negotiation and Salesmanship revolutionizes the way we do business by providing an in-depth look and understanding on how to get business done. Whether you are closing a real estate deal or getting the kids to do their chores, there are solid strategies for every situation to create win-win scenarios every time. The course includes the Communication, Negotiation and Salesmanship Manual, along with 6 Audios. This is a must have for your real estate investing arsenal.

Five Stars

Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose and Passion

Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose and Passion traces how one man’s struggle to find the true meaning of life evolved into a worldwide movement known as the Inner Voice way of life. Internationally recognized businessman, financial expert, and real-estate icon Russ Whitney spent five years and 20,000 hours researching and developing the program.

It is built on simple yet powerful principles and strategies that guide readers through identifying their purpose; developing their passion; and living a life of peace, joy, and success that is richer and more fulfilling than they ever dreamed possible. Inner Voiceis a dramatic departure from Whitney’s earlier best-selling books, which all focused on financial success, real estate, and wealth-building strategies.

In Inner Voice, Whitney explains the happiness that can be found in humility; the importance of living in the moment; the need to understand, recognize, and master the immutable law of powerlessness; and how to surrender and find solid answers and peace with what you can’t control. He teaches readers to use life-changing tools, including the Discovery Chart, two-way conscious contact, and Character Asset Checklist to achieve and maintain a connection with the Inner Voice. A step-by-step guide demonstrates exactly how to apply Inner Voice principles and strategies on a daily basis to be free of anxiety, frustration, fear, doubt, guilt, and shame so we can live the life our Creator intended for us.

Very Well Done! Major transformations have started already...

Wow! What an incredible book, and the transformation has only just begun.

The book opens with Russ Whitney's amazing story of going from working in a slaughterhouse to attaining massive wealth and how he always had the nagging feeling that it wasn't enough. Like most rags to riches stories, there comes a point when the momentum ceases and you either slip back, crash hard, or find a higher purpose in life that serves others, with wealth being a side benefit. That's what keeps the momentum going (and also lets you do it peacefully while uplifting others instead of crushing them in the process). Russ includes his struggles and how he later found out they were signs from the universe to change course.

What's nice is that once you read, do, and practice, smaller, not so drastic measures will be dished out by the universe to nudge you (they have been present all along, you just didn't know it because you weren't in communication with your Inner Voice). Learning how to communicate with your Inner Voice will help you spot them and change course.

Russ identifies four phases we go through -- Athlete (primary focus: appearance), Warrior (primary focus: money, defensive) Statesperson (focused on having a positive impact), Sprit (Mother Teresa, Ghandi, etc..).

Unknowingly, I coasted through the first three, and was clearly in the Stateperson phase by age 31. I had a glimpse of Spirit not long after. By 35 I was back to Warrior and ever since then I've yearned for Statesperson again (I am now 43). Of course I had no idea what the terminology was for what I was going through at the time (and now), how I slipped back and forth, or more importantly, how to consciously get to where I wanted to be and stay there.

I cruised through the first half of this book in a few hours, thinking, "Yea -- I know that, I just couldn't put my finger on it". Vivid pictures were created in my head of my own life with parallels to Russ Whitney's, except the extremes are not as drastic on both ends.

The fast-paced reading came to a screeching halt at Chapter 6.

While it's nice that many authors and TV personalities can identify former partners, childhood friends, abusive parents, business dealings in the past, and other factors as the root cause of problems in adulthood, Russ Whitney goes beyond that. Not only are they cause for major problems, but cause for ingrained subconscious patterns that cause you to think and act the way you do know -- Actions which prevent you from reaching your full potential and may prevent you from being guided by your Inner Voice.

Chapter 6 is where you must put the book down and go to work. You get a step-by-step simple process to do it (referred to as a Discovery Chart) and after two hours of data mining and analyzing, you'll have the basis for the next steps, which is where the magic starts to happen.

This is not only a must read book, but a must "do" book. Included are charts to do the work and checklists to evaluate your progress. In less than a week I've seen some positive changes, but this is a lifelong course of improvement (like The Success Principles and most other work in this genre).

Now I clearly understand why I was at certain positions in my life and how to use a power greater than myself to rekindle the fire I once had and bust through former plateaus. More importantly, this time around it will be done not for myself but for a greater cause(s).

Where are you today?

Do you have a burning passion for what you do?

Are you being guided by a power higher than yourself that knows more than you do who directs not for self-gain but for the greater of all good?

Inner Voice does more than Unlock Your Purpose and Passion -- It gives you a proven method with measurable results to reach your full potential and attain satisfaction in what you are doing.

Highly recommended.


Building Wealth: Achieving Personal and Financial Success in Real Estate and Business Without Money, Credit, or Luck


Since its first release a decade ago, Building Wealth -- called "an indispensable guidebook for everyone dreaming of something better" by Business Times -- has shown thousands of people how to get rich in the real estate market, based on the proven techniques that took Russ Whitney from working in a slaughterhouse as a high school dropout to a millionaire investor and entrepreneur. Now Whitney brings his invaluable guide fully up to date, allowing readers to take advantage of a real estate market that's exploding with opportunity. 

The updated and revised Building Wealth reflects the momentous changes that have occurred in recent years. In addition to his rock-solid tips on negotiating and exploiting the world of real estate, Whitney delivers entirely new advice on such topics as: 

  • Moving from residential to commercial properties
  • Investing in raw land
  • Real estate development
  • Using the Internet and other technologies to maximize profits
  • Making the most of real estate revenue by investing it in the stock market
  • And much more.

A revered guide that inspires self-confidence as it demystifies the steps to financial gain, this newest edition of Building Wealth is required reading for everyone interested in making a fortune to enjoy now and leave as a legacy.

5.0 out of 5 stars. Gold Mine!

I bought the Kindle version to be re-inspired. I wish there was someway for me to thank mr. Whitney in the flesh. I got this paperback book in late 2001, started reading it and become instantly inspired! Bought a multi family house in Brooklyn with just a 12,000 downpayment (3% downpayment FHA loan) in early 2002.

The house doubled in value in 6 years and my tenants have paid every nickel of mortgage payments. The value of the house has taken a hit with the recession like every thing else but that's beside the point. After years of paying rent and not owning anything, this book was my inspiration to do better. Can't thank him enough! Buy this book! Times have changed but this book still holds true.

The Millionaire Real Estate Mindset: Mastering the Mental Skills to Build Your Fortune in Real Estate

There are scores of books on real estate investing on the market today, and most give sound information and helpful advice. Yet few people have become wealthy. In The Millionaire Real Estate Mindset, Russ Whitney asks, “Why isn’t everyone rich?” and perhaps more important, “Why aren’t you rich?” What is missing in most people’s real estate strategy, Whitney says, is the millionaire real estate mindset. And, in this book, he tells readers exactly how to develop one.

Whitney explains how you can break free of the fears that hold so many people back. A key part of succeeding in real estate, Whitney claims, is a willingness to spend time educating yourself about the various techniques, options, insights, and possibilities it entails. Other professions and trades require years of education and practice before you can hope to generate significant income. Building wealth in real estate requires similar focus and dedication. He provides specific investing strategies that can work in virtually any market, whether you have cash to start, or not.


Accept Russ Whitney's Challenge!

I have had the privilege of meeting and talking with Russ Whitney on numerous occasions, and I am always impressed with his sincere desire to teach others how to build wealth and achieve financial success. I have read all of his books, and this is by far his best one yet.

It's easy to read, the concepts are clearly explained, and it provides the tools anyone needs to develop the "millionaire mindset" and build a fortune. The Millionaire Real Estate Mindset is a unique combination of motivation and practical tips. It will force you to think about why you've been reading all these "how to make money in real estate" books but haven't made any money yet. Russ Whitney not only teaches, he challenges readers get out there and take action to achieve their goals. If you have dreams of a better life, this book will give you the tools to turn those dreams into a reality. Read it and go for it.

Overcoming the Hurdles Pitfalls of Real Estate Investing. What the "How To" Books Don't Say.

The Inspiring Personal Notes of One of America's Youngest Self-made Millionaires